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Because our pets age at a rate of four to seven times that of humans, early detection and correction of medical problems is essential.  We want to help  ensure a long and active life for your special friend.   We offer a wide range of professional services to keep your pets  feeling their best.

Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pets' complete health care needs.

Our onsite clinical laboratory provides us with the ability to perform complete blood counts, blood  chemistry panels, urinalysis and fecal analysis to detect internal parasites , as well as specialized feline and canine virus tests.

Our ability to obtain results within minutes is especially valuable for pre-anesthetic testing when  your pet is undergoing surgery or in the event of an emergency.  Pre-anesthetic testing gives you peace of mind and provides our doctors important physiological information immediately prior to anesthesia. 

We also extensively utilize outside reference laboratories when more comprehensive or specialized veterinary testing is required.

Our highly trained staff uses the latest in digital x-ray equipment.  The image quality is superb and detailed.
Radiography is painless, safe, and completely non-invasive.  We use our state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate and diagnose problems affecting a variety of organ systems in your pet’s body.  These include the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, GI tract, bones and spine.  Radiography is essential in the detection of many conditions including bone fractures, intestinal blockage, and cancerous tumors inside the body. Chronic arthritis, bladder stones, and certain spinal cord diseases as well are easily imaged.  We have radiologists available to us 24/7  for consultation, providing additional support.   

At Middletown Veterinary Hospital we maintain a close working relationship with internal medicine specialists who offer ultrasound and endoscopic procedures.  Performed in our hospital, they provide insight  of more complicated cases. 

We provide ECG services on site as well as STAT consultations with cardiology specialists.    

We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety for all our patients.  These protocols especially benefit our older or higher risk patients.  Using the most modern equipment, the patients vital  signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is equipped to allow us to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures.  Our doctor’s and staff routinely perform elective procedures such as spays and neuters as well as tumor removals.  Bladder stone removal, spleenectomies, orthopedic procedures.  and ophthalmic surgery is done as well in house. 
Our hospital can also provide surgical specialists that operate with us while we treat your pet in house. 

We offer in-hospital referrals to an internal medicine specialist who performs ultrasounds, endoscopic procedures and helps us with the diagnosis of more complicated cases.

Quality dental and oral care is one of the most important factors in maintaining your pet’s good health.  A regular routine of care for the teeth and gums are as important for our pets as it is for people.   A healthy oral cavity can dramatically extend the life of your pet.  We use digital dental radiography to assess  the condition of your pets mouth and teeth above and below the gum line.   Regular prophylaxis (cleaning & polishing) will help to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.  In addition to cleaning we provide periodontal services, extractions and oral surgery.

We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets.

We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will review with you the best ways to control fleas in your house, in your yard and on your pet.

We will provide guidance regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.

We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling and aggression.

In the event of an emergency during our normal office hours, please call ahead if possible and proceed directly to our facility. For an after hours emergency, please refer to one of the emergency hospitals below.

HomeAgain. Always looking out for your pet. The microchip procedure  injects a tiny chip about the size of a grain of rice just under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. The number on the chip is then entered into the HomeAgain database. The database matches the number to a name and phone number, reuniting the lost pet with its owner. Pets that can be identified if presented as an injured stray have a better chance of being treated than pets without identification. That may make the difference between life and death if your pet becomes lost.


Animal Emergency Hospital
588 Cromwell Ave | Rocky Hill, CT. 06067

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Pieper Memorial Emergency Clinic
730 Randolph Road | Middletown, CT 06457

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